Swisswise is a strategic business consultancy and project management firm based in Bern, Switzerland that acts as an interface between client stakeholder interests and third party suppliers, partners, institutions and organisations.

The Swisswise service portfolio ranges from consulting businesses in their current structures and functional areas to researching and analysing market and industry trends, conceptualising and specifying new ideas as well as managing and executing multidisciplinary projects and follow-up support operations.

To this end, Swisswise collaborates with a vast network of national and international industry specialists.


Swisswise was founded by Managing Director Bastian Hofacker.

His 15+ years of professional experience entails working in a large variety of industries such as banking and finance, construction and manufacturing, branding and architecture as well as hospitality and entertainment. Since an early age, he cultivated a deep curiosity and interest in new technologies and how they could be used to solve problems.

He holds a Business Administration degree in International Management from FHNW as well as certificates from Harvard Business School and MIT Professional Education.

It is this diverse background that makes all the difference for any Swisswise client. Moreover, Bastian Hofacker has extensive knowledge in managing intercultural and interdisciplinary teams of experts, consulting executive boards and managements of companies large and small.