Swisswise – connecting the dots

Technology has accelerated the speed of change in the marketplace. There are new ways of doing things, new technologies, new systems and new new personnel models constantly evolving.

To stay competitive, organizations must adapt their strategy on a project, business and corporate level. This often means that radical new ideas have to be generated, formulated and integrated within the existing, strategic framework of the organisation.

Our goal is to assist organisations in the idea generation process and guide through the implementation of new business strategies. Read more about our approach and the way we work below.

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  • Management Consulting

    We help to improve your business performance by collaboratively finding new and better ways to solve problems within given industry and market contexts. We consult on strategy and operations as well as on innovation and positioning.

  • Technology Consulting

    With so many new technologies being established it is important to stay ahead. Not all technology is good technology. We continuously learn and analyze new trends, test innovative tools and develop our own. We advise on available choices and consult your organization on implementing the best-fit technology within your strategic goals.

  • Concept Development

    To get key decision makers and stakeholders on board with a new idea, we prepare and formulate concepts and presentations based on the strategic analysis and integral collaboration through workshops and workgroups with your board, management or team.

  • Project Management

    In order to implement the strategic decisions we help your management with guidance and coordination of tasks between internal resources, third parties and regulatory entities. With very diverse industry knowledge we achieve to manage multidisciplinary projects.


In the early stages of our collaboration we benefit from the fact that we are an outsider to your organization. It gives us a strategic advantage in the idea generation process. During that phase we will get to know your organization, its stakeholders and key decision makers. Using this as our basic framework, we establish the fundamentals of how we can integrate our services within your organizations’ available resources and tools.

External Strategic Advantage

Throughout our collaboration, we make sure to include the key decision makers of your organization. This way we can reduce time and resources spent and make sure to obtain the most effective results.

The consulting and coordination services we provide are not mutually exclusive. We cater our proposal based on the phase your business or existing project is in.


In order to reach a set goal it is crucial to define the problem clearly and specifically. The problem definition often encapsulates the solution to a problem within and further makes it easier to solve it.

We help in defining your problem while respecting your business interests as well as assessing the market environment and stakeholder conditions.

Helping you and your team assess the problem and define the goal we use the following techniques:

  • Workshops
  • Pre-Studies
  • Stakeholder Interests Analysis


By explicitly looking at your goal from an outside perspective, at first without knowing all the challenges you face, we can help you come up with new, creative and out-of-the box ideas that may reshape your business or project.

We will of course, provide many ideas of our own to complement yours using the following basic techniques:

  • Workshops
  • Collaborative Brainstorming / Brainwriting
  • Market, Industry and Trend Analysis


By merging the knowledge gained from collaborative workshops, brainstormings and wide-ranging internal and external business analysis we formulate a solution proposal.

Within the solution formulation phase we outline the challenges your organization or its stakeholders may be confronted with by implementing the given proposition. We also provide a forecast and the prospective gains your organization may achieve.

This proposal can be delivered according to your requirements. For example as a document, a presentation or a explanatory documentary style video and may include the following parts:

  • Idea, Goal and Concept
  • Strategic Evaluation of various Analyses
  • Cost-Benefit and Risk-Opportunity Analysis
  • Strategy Formulation
  • Call to Action, Steps for Implementation


Following up on the call to action prepared within the solution outline and a concept of operation, we support in managing and planning the strategic operations of the new business or project.

We will establish external and internal specialists required to accomplish a smooth and effective realization. Furthermore we provide a global budget planning that helps decision makers overview total expenses required to follow through with the implementation.

Depending on your requirements, this phase may include the following:

  • Third Party Specialist Recommendations
  • Bid for Proposals, Supplier Briefings and Presentations
  • Budget and Time Planning


Leading a team of specialized and technical professionals that are selected transparently by your decision makers we guide your new business or project through the realization and implementation. We establish briefings and targets for selected suppliers, outline and track all activities on a global timeline and make sure the project stays on course and within budget.

To help decision makers stay up to date, we summarize accomplished tasks, activities, challenges and calls to action by the client. Furthermore we provide comprehensive timeline planning as well as expense tracking associated to costs from varying sources during the project.

As your key partner, we represent your organizations’ interests externally and make sure all collaborating parties adhere to your code of conduct and in full discretion during the realization of the new business or project.

Depending on the scope of the project and your custom requirements the following activities can be handled by our team:

  • Supplier briefings, tracking and guiding
  • Continued Bid for proposal process
  • Recruitment of key positions within new frameworks
  • Global project overview and representation of client stakeholder interests to third parties
  • Feedback and results presentations and documentations


Once a new business or project has been implemented we support your operation with continued guidance, performance tracking and consult on possible adjustments according to factual data analysis. We recap the whole process and formulate support documents for the continued success.

Depending on your requirements, we may assist in recruiting new managers and key positions to fit in within a new business structure. Furthermore and upon request, we may also provide interim positions within your organization.